Portable CMM Work Stations

Portable Work StationEffective measurement with everything to hand! The new Swift-fix Portable Workstations provide the ideal workplace for your portable measuring arm. Available in a number of sizes and configurations, these workstations put everything you need in one place - ideal for more effective measurement.

These workstations comes with fitted with swivel lockable wheels.

Laptop Mount
The Laptop arm mounts directly to the top surface and allows your notebook computer to be raised above the workspace.

The platform can be adjusted in height to set a comfortable viewing level and can extend outwards by up to 57cm. The unit includes a retractable keyboard holder which means an extra keyboard can be stored. The vented aluminium construction helps keep the notebook cool. The Platform tilts 20° with 4 anti-slip pads.

Optional Fixture Elements
Each portable work station has the option of a Swift-Fix Bronze, Silver or Gold flexible fixturing kit. Swift-Fix Modular fixturing has been designed to enable all types of parts to be quickly prepared ready for measuring. By virtue of the complexity of many of today’s manufactured components, the held part needs to be uncluttered and the clamping has to be discreet, to allow the measurement probe to obtain maximum accessibility.
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The workstations for portable measuring arms are available in two sizes.

 900 (W) x 600 (D) x 930 (H)*  1220 (W) x 900 (D) x 930 (H)*

*sizes in mm