Engineering Work Stations

Granite and Steel work stationsMachine Tool Engineering Work Stations

Keeping a tidy and safe working environment in machine tool workshops is essential, that's why we took a close look and developed mobile solutions to suit the needs of the engineering environment.

Our customised mobile workstations can be adapted to suite your specific requirements, it maybe just to hold tools and chucks for the machine tools, or you may need a vice or small fixture setup added, or perhaps even a quick and easy inspection area that can be moved from place to place.

Mobile Engineering Work Station and Inspection

The tops of the Engineering Workstations are configurable, you can have all steel with sequence drilled and tapped holes, ideal for creating fixtures and holding parts with clamps etc., or you can half steel and half Granite so that you can place a height gauge or other type of Metrology Instrument at the side of your part clamping area.
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