CoreView Plan

CoreView Plan - Define your measurement tasks

CoreView Plan is a dedicated software product used for planning, preparing and defining comprehensive dimensional measurement programs to be carried out using Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence White Light Scanner systems. Using CoreView Plan the engineer can easily define measurable features, set multiple alignment guidelines, capture GD&T requirements, and prepare reporting templates for later use and so on.

CoreView Plan generates full dimensional measurement programs in the CoreView format which can be quickly communicated and loaded on Optigo and OptiCell dimensional measurement platforms used in the engineering and production shop floors.
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CoreView Plan functionality allows the following:
  • Generating new measurement programs or editing existing ones
  • Previewing and editing CAD data as needed
  • Importing nominal features data into CoreView Plan
  • Automatically identifies and defines continuous edge lines for measurement 
  • Interactive feature definition based on CAD data
  • Setting dimensions and tolerances for defined features
  • Generating multiple unique Setups per part
  • Providing specific alignment guidelines for each setup
  • Defining multiple cross sections and related dimensions
  • Providing standard and customized callout elements
  • Creating slides and standard reporting templates

CoreView Plan is designed to optimise valuable Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence White Light Scanner system resource time by focusing on execution of dimensional measurements. In addition, it offers the following benefits:  

  • Supports customers' methodology of preparing the programs in a central location and executing the measurements across multiple plants
  • Captures exact GD&T essence within the measurement programs
  • Reduces time needed to define full measurement programs using advanced capabilities
  • Runs on standard computers and laptops which helps reduce total cost of ownership
  • Easy to use tool with dedicated functionality allowing a fast learning curve for new users
  • Promotes standardization of common dimensional criteria and result evaluation across the organization
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