CoreView Lite

CoreView Lite - Free viewer for dimensional data

CoreView Lite is a free Hexagon Manufacturing Intellgience software product used for viewing and collaboration based on common dimensional measurement information in CoreView format. CoreView Lite empowers a large community of users to leverage rich and meaningful dimensional measurement information to improve quality and overall performance throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

CoreView Lite is a simple to use yet powerful tool which presents measurement results in a visually intuitive format making it possible to communicate dimensional information throughout the extended organization.
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CoreView Lite functionality includes:
  • 3D viewing used for surface deviation analysis
  • Full 3D manipulation including Move, Pan and Zoom
  • 2D viewing of predefined cross sections measurement analysis
  • Viewing feature and dimension tables
  • Analyzes full edge line deviation compared to nominal (CAD) 
  • Representation of conformance with GD&T definitions
  • Viewing callout annotations for features and dimensions
  • View alignment definitions
  • Export views as JPG/BMP format files

Below are some of the benefits and advantages of using CoreView Lite in your organization:

  • Allows remote viewing and analysis of actual Shop Floor part, assembly and tool measurements as soon as they are produced
  • Requires no post processing of the data before use 
  • Allows effortless sharing of dimensional information in the organization
  • Promotes standard quality evaluation in the extended organization
  • Facilitates pinpointing of the root cause and speeds problem solving
  • Enhances collaboration between divisions and supply chain partners
  • Easy to use by any user with fast ramp up
  • CoreView Lite can be installed on any desktop or laptop computer