GridLOK for Absolute Arm

High-Accuracy Expanded Measurement System for the Absolute Arm

GridLOK for Absolute Arm is an expanded measurement solution that allows the accuracy and convenience of the Absolute Arm to be applied to larger parts and systems otherwise beyond its reach.

Designed for a single moving arm or a multiple arm array, the unique GridLOK solution delivers enhanced accuracy and productivity across a massively increased measurement arena. Simple to use and more accurate than basic leap-frogging extension systems, GridLOK redefines what’s possible with portable measuring arm technology.
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Measure More
Maintain Absolute Arm accuracy when measuring multiple or larger parts across a defined grid area (from 4 m x 6 m up to 60 m x 60 m).

Enhance Accuracy
Eliminate error accumulation from ‘leap-frog’ measurements, maintaining uniform accuracy through the entire expanded measurement volume (accuracy 50 microns plus accuracy of arm in use for a typical 4 m x 6 m system).

Boost Efficiency
No programme interruption or user input required when repositioning, even during a measuring sequence, greatly minimising training requirements.

Increase Flexibility
Avoid the limitations of fixed arm length – measure and align parts ordinarily out of the reach of the Absolute Arm.
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