Tutorial Videos

Desktop Set Up

This video shows how to ‘opt in’ to the HxGN Metrology Reporting tool and send dimensional and reporting data from an asset (after you have created an SFx account). Once configured, reports and dimensional summaries in HxGN Metrology Reporting can be viewed within seconds of measurement completing on an asset.

Parts and Programs

This tutorial shows how a user can manage the part and program associations in HxGN Metrology Reporting to fit their needs.

Trace fields

This short tutorial looks at how a user can send trace field information from PC-DMIS and QUINDOS, making it easier to locate a specific part sample of interest from HxGN Metrology Reporting. 


This video gives an overview of the settings within HxGN Metrology Reporting. This covers the 2 main types of settings in the software, user preference and system settings which includes parts, control checks, notifications and visualisations.

Warnings and Critical Dimensions

This tutorial highlights the warning and critical dimension capabilities in HxGN Metrology Reporting. It will explain how they are setup, visualised and the settings that allows the user to define the type and frequency of alerts.

Control Checks

This tutorial focuses on the Control Check capability in HxGN Metrology Reporting. Control Checks are run on dimensional data, looking for abnormalities or trends in the data over a set of samples.