Optiv Dual Z

One Machine. Two Sensor Axes.

On multisensor measuring machines with only one sensor axis, risk of collision limits accessibility to positions on the workpiece, increasing both routine creation and measuring times. Optiv Dual Z technology not only reduces setup time but also risk of collision by allowing the inactive measuring sensor to be moved upwards out of the measuring volume.

Optiv Dual Z allows you to drive inspection efficiency, with greater measuring volume accessibility and reduced reclamping requirements. This collision-free accessibility and reduced need to realign workpieces means Optiv Dual Z reduces uncertainty in the measurement of positional tolerances. 

Optiv Dual Z offers ultimate measuring flexibility by enabling the use of fully rotational, motorised indexing probe heads.

Optiv Dual Z Technology

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Faster measuring routine creation
Optiv Dual Z simplifies this process in PC-DMIS.

Greater application flexibility
Optical and tactile sensors reach more measuring positions in the available measuring volume, extending the CMM’s application possibilities for larger workpieces.

Minimised setup and measuring time
Reduced reclamping – workpiece geometry can be captured completely in a single measurement cycle.
Optiv Dual Technology
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