Set for success! 10% off premium metrology support

Set up your new quality solution for success with Hexagon’s expert guidance

Buying a new inspection solution usually comes with a lot of questions. Whether you have general metrology queries or want to deepen understanding of system applications, we want to help you get the most out of your new solution.

Until the end of December 2020, Hexagon is offering five hours free metrology support for new Hexagon system purchases. If you have a new Hexagon CMM, portable measuring arm or laser tracker, our application experts will deliver stellar virtual assistance to tackle any of your system issues and help you maximise productivity with your solution and software.

In addition to the free five hours support that comes with your new system, you can get 10% off the listed pricing for further premium support:

  • Per hour pricing (a la carte) - $175/hr
  • 5 hour blocks - $150/hr
  • 10+ hour blocks - $135/hr