Shape Your Year, Achieve Your Goals with HxGN LIVE 2018

by Richard Law on December 20, 2017 From HxGN Global

‘Tis the season for planning our New Year’s resolutions and this has got me thinking about how people ensure they achieve their goals.

The key word here is ‘planning’. For instance, last year my objective was to ‘be healthier’. After a few weeks of iceberg lettuce for dinner, my gym membership card gathered dust, and before long the London Marathon runners I’d hoped to run alongside are passing by on the TV.

Where was the weekly, year-long exercise plan? Why didn’t I join a community of knowledgeable health enthusiasts? And here’s the moral of the tale: key to lasting achievement is the combination of immediate action with planned future action points.

It’s this vision of active planning that informs our aim to help you shape your year as a manufacturing industry professional with the priority rate for HxGN LIVE 2018. By taking action now, you’ll a) ensure that 2018 has transformative action points booked in the calendar to help you achieve your goals, and b) experience the conference at the lowest possible cost.

So, what are your objectives and how can attending HxGN LIVE help shape your year accordingly? Here are just a handful of examples.

Goal 1: Connect. With 3 500 professionals in attendance, HxGN LIVE offers a multitude of opportunities to make meaningful industry connections and network with the best minds in engineering, production, and metrology. With past speakers including Olympians and eye-witness chroniclers of the rise of Steve Jobs and Silicon Valley, the connections you’ll make will be extraordinary.

Goal 2: Innovate. Central to HxGN LIVE is the exploration of fresh ideas and the solutions of tomorrow, courtesy of industry-leading thinkers and technologies. If you’re looking to drive change and productivity in your organisation, the technology training sessions and actionable information on offer make HxGN LIVE unmissable.

Goal 3: Learn. Knowledge and skill enhancement is at the heart of HxGN LIVE. With industry experts at every turn and a programme full of insightful talks and interactive breakout sessions, HxGN LIVE surrounds attendees with learning, empowering you with new knowledge and skills to take back and share with your teams.

Goal 4: Develop. With so much knowledge-sharing happening in one place in such a short space of time, HxGN LIVE is a concentration of professional development. And while you are gaining new skills and making transformative plans for your organisation, you also have the opportunity to showcase and enhance your professional development by speaking at the event. Start your year by taking steps to make your name synonymous with expertise in your field.

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Richard Law

Richard Law is a Global Marketing Copywriter at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. He has written numerous articles and blogs across a range of industries. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Creative Writing and a Master of Arts in Poetry from the University of East Anglia.