From the Software Line - PC-DMIS Tips and Tricks

by Andrew Scarella on March 3, 2016 From Ask The Experts

Tip #1
Scanning is now easier and faster than ever. Quickly create a scan in the AutoFeature window. Just click the 2nd Tab from the left, and choose the type of scan you want from the list. Simply check the box next to what tolerance you need to measure to, choose the surface type, and that’s all you need!  Scan speed, point density, filtering and feature construction are all handled for you instantly. You can also switch back to a regular Touch feature at any time!

NA_US_Newsletter_ExpertsDesk_Quick_Image_FebTip #2
Quick Features help to reduce the time it takes to create an Inspection Routine. If you hold the SHIFT key, you can quickly create AutoFeatures on the fly by hovering over the CAD model features. Simply clicking on the edge of a CAD feature will create a 2D AutoFeature, and clicking inside the feature will create a 3D AutoFeature. If you hold Shift at an Edge and drag it along the CAD surface it will create a line, and holding Control+Shift will create a Vector Point.

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