Salesforce Tech Lead


Job title: Salesforce Tech Lead
VN: VN3213
Location: Europe, Remote

Short description:

We are looking for a Salesforce Technical Lead, based in Europe, to lead a small team of Salesforce developers. This is a global role, reporting to our Head of CRM. The work can be done fully remote, except for some travelling, around 20% of the time.

You will be working with a team of people who have the technical skills required, but need the leadership to ensure that the right balance is maintained between functional, technical and architectural requirements. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence believes in an iterative model of delivery and bringing value to our customers as quickly as possible. You will be hands-on and expected to actively contribute to the development of the applications.

This position is critical for laying the right foundations to ensure implemented technical solutions can effectively evolve as our business needs change.

Tasks in detail:
  • Takes responsibility for the ability of the team to effectively establish, implement and maintain expected product behaviour.
  • Encourages and coaches team members, fosters talent, and leads by example.
  • Works with technical and business stakeholders to influence, contribute to and validate the product roadmap.
  • Ensures that the designs and implementation of stories align with technical and architectural directions.
  • Works with product management to ensure stories are defined to an agreed definition of ready, including acceptance criteria to the right level for each point in the development lifecycle.
  • Defines and implements engineering practices to ensure solutions meet requirements and are maintainable.
  • Works with the QA Engineers to ensure that quality requirements are included in the definition of done.
  • Ensures solutions can be delivered into production in a reliable and reproducible way.
  • Acts as the design authority to validate design decisions taken by the team while ensuring that teams are empowered to make their own decisions where appropriate.
  • Ensures that estimates are produced to the right level at the right time, empowering others in the teams to contribute.
  • Recommends, researches and tests technical improvements and new technologies for the platform.
  • Works with business stakeholders to ensure that technical debt is appropriately managed.
  • Documents technical designs, training resources, and key engineering decisions.
  • Provides team context and knowledge of external systems which may be relevant.
  • Leads the analysis of difficult system problems and, in collaboration with team members, recommends solutions.
  • Identifies resource and training needs for the platform.
  • Ensures engineering teams follow accepted protocol around system security.
  • At least 5 years of experience in Salesforce development.
  • Experience from a senior role, training and coaching a team of Salesforce developers.
  • Understand product life cycle management in a software engineering environment, with particular emphasis on continuous deployment.
  • Hands-on and extensive experience working on, including but not limited to: developer toolkit, including Apex Classes, Controllers and Triggers, LWC, VisualStudio, IDE Migration Tool and Web Services.
  • Experience designing complex SOQL and SOSL queries.
  • Performing code review to follow best practice and ensure development is done following the concept of security by design.
  • Advanced knowledge of engineering and integration concepts, primarily working with REST API, platform events and middleware.
  • Proactive, analytical and capable of influencing and providing decision support.
  • Availability for international travel 20% of the time.
  • Right to work in the UK. 

What we offer:

You will be taking on a senior role where you will gain both technical and people management experience. You will own the role, the Sales and Marketing tech stack and you will have the chance to influence and control decision making with regards to Salesforce Architecture.

Our global company offers global possibilities for career progression. With time and experience you could be moving to Salesforce architecture or management roles, just giving a few examples.

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