No defects and best user experience throughout the product lifecycle with the new Hexagon and ETQ partnership


ETQ Reliance

Bringing high quality products to market takes more than just excellence in production, it means understanding every aspect that could affect the customer’s experience throughout the product lifecycle. That realisation is part of the reason why ETQ has become a leading supplier of quality management (QMS), EHS (environment, health and safety) and compliance management software. With nearly 30 years’ experience in the sector, this is a respected organisation with a large customer base and a powerful brand.

Bringing ETQ’s Reliance software into the Hexagon portfolio means we can leverage the data collected in Q-DAS and our other solutions to much greater effect. Making a high-quality product needs more than accurate engineering, high-quality production and feeding back learnings from rigorous quality control. Together, we offer a solution that puts product quality at the heart of the product lifecycle, so that the customer’s experience is as intended and issues can understood and resolved quickly across global sites and throughout your organisation and supply chain. Manufacturers can drive quality initiatives further upstream with critical data from design and engineering, supply chain management and production right through to feedback from the end user.

By working together we can offer a comprehensive quality assurance solution covering virtually the entire value chain, and make it visible from the shop floor to the top floor.

  • Improves product quality, cuts reworking and reduces scrap
  • Powers full enterprise integration
  • Reduces the time for new product introduction and enables faster responses to market forces
  • Collects and leverages data more effectively to support digital transformation and manufacturing autonomy