Introducing Nexus

Nexus is an open platform that enhances smart manufacturing collaboration by connecting people, technologies and data, accelerating innovation and time to market.



Freedom to innovate

Nexus is Hexagon’s platform for smart manufacturing collaboration and innovation. Designed to scale to the needs of manufacturers, it provides an easy way to manage your Hexagon solutions, access training and support, find complementary technology, and leverage data from across your organisation to drive manufacturing innovation.

  • Easy access to products, training and support 
  • Foster collaboration and amplify productivity 
  • Use next-generation products and connected workflows

With new functionality regularly added, the Nexus platform will grow with you as you digitalise the product lifecycle from engineering to production and quality management. Begin your smart manufacturing journey with Nexus and see how you can:

  • Connect people, technology, and data to streamline information sharing, drive quality and optimise operations
  • Empower cross-functional teams with the insights to solve unique problems and collaborate naturally in real time
  • Innovate using cloud-based technologies, applications, and solutions to accelerate new product development