Rethinking Quality for Dummies: a Free eBook to Enhance Quality for Greater Productivity

by Richard Law on December 10, 2018 From News And Comment


Which department in your organisation is responsible for quality?

A) Metrology
B) Production
C) Design and Engineering

For manufacturing to maximise effectiveness, there needs to be a new option: ‘D) All the Above.’

When responsibility for quality is shared among stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle, manufacturers experience increased productivity, they are more agile, and their products deliver greater quality to customers.

That’s why our free eBook ‘Rethinking Quality for Dummies’ offers manufacturers ways to increase quality in manufacturing, exploring how to

  • Embed and manage quality throughout the product lifecycle
  • Create data feedback loops to enhance communication between departments
  • Leverage data and the internet of things (IoT) to connect stakeholders and increase understanding of customer needs
  • Use simulation for greater design and CAD/CAM to build quality control into production
  • Deploy learnings from real-life case studies and success stories

Find out how to make lasting improvements in data-driven manufacturing – download your free Rethinking Quality for Dummies eBook.

Richard Law

Richard Law is a Global Marketing Copywriter at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. He has written numerous articles and blogs across a range of industries. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Creative Writing and a Master of Arts in Poetry from the University of East Anglia.