Heavy Industry

Providing metrology on a large scale to make lighter work of heavy industry through data-driven manufacturing

As infrastructure developments continue, heavy equipment plays a vital role in completing these ambitious projects on time and to budget. Construction and transportation machinery must perform with complete reliability even in difficult conditions, and so must the metrology equipment used to inspect them. With the sheer size of modern industrial heavyweights – ships, trains, military hardware, agricultural and earthmoving apparatus, cranes and other construction equipment – heavy industrial manufacturing is truly on a scale of its own. While the size and weight of this equipment may exceed all others, component complexity is just as high as in smaller machines. Dimensions must be accurate to fractions of a millimetre to ensure the final units are up to heavy-duty tasks, and that machine operators and transportation passengers are safe.

Once all the components are measured and correct, on-site assembly or alignment is often required for large-scale structures. In heavy industry, this can mean taking measuring equipment into challenging conditions such as agricultural and mining environments. Measurement in industrial installations may be influenced by contaminants, vibrations or temperature fluctuations. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s robust inspection technologies are up to the task, with a range of IP-rated portable solutions suitable for accurate dimensional measurement in all kinds of working conditions.

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