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The metrology solutions for aero engines keeping planes and helicopters in flight

Whether it’s the small to medium-sized engines of light aircraft or the powerhouse jet engines of the world’s largest commercial airliners, aero engines consist of layer upon layer of complex geometric components. In this industry where safety is under constant scrutiny, every design must be validated, every part manufactured accurately and inspected rigorously. From fan assemblies to compressor rotors, turbines, shafts, casings and combustor components, each part presents its own unique measurement challenges and inspection can often account for a large percentage of the part production cost.

With aero engines typically designed and built as modular units, traceability is essential as without provable build quality the parts are effectively worthless. Every day, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence supports aero engine manufacturers and suppliers in delivering high-quality parts and recording the data required to make them traceable, useable and valuable. 
Our inspection technologies enable manufacturers to check complex parts like blades and blisks against their CAD models, verifying accuracy in both geometry and positioning to avoid functional inefficiencies, premature wear and part failure. We also support aero engine maintenance, repair and overhaul, helping to keep planes and helicopters flying safely all over the world.


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