Aero Assembly

Quality assured alignment for aircraft assembly operations

Whatever size or type of aircraft, accurate assembly and structural symmetry is essential to ensure efficient aerodynamic performance and safe operations through the product lifecycle. With aerospace components increasingly produced using distributed manufacturing methods, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence produces equipment to not only inspect and verify the dimensional characteristics and features of parts ranging from small components to large airframe structures, but also to set and verify jigs and fixtures, and even model and assist with assembly.

Our multifaceted measurement and inspection solutions enable manufacturers to select the best sensor type for every component, whether it’s metal, plastics or composite material. The ability to fully-digitise parts to CAD allows manufacturers to simulate assembly using virtual assembly methods even before components leave their production plant. This enables any rework to take place before shipping, minimising logistics cost for maximum process efficiency. 

Virtual assembly also allows parts to be digitally mated with the most suitable components in the batch to ensure best-fit construction. Many aerospace manufacturers are also now using Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence laser tracker technology to guide robotic assembly systems, adding positioning accuracy to the high repeatability of standard industrial robots for operations like wing assembly, stringer placement for fuselage sections, engine mounting and other aero assembly functions.

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