Discover the key trends and challenges for manufacturers in your industry and see how Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence industrial metrology and manufacturing solutions measure up across industries and sectors.


Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps airframers, OEMs and aerospace suppliers reduce production cycle times and design the new generations of aircraft passengers are...


Ensuring speed and quality in automotive industry plants to drive measurable vehicle performance on the road


Whether our customers in the electronics sector are manufacturing next generation smartphones, 5G networking equipment, micro-electronic components, white goods, automotive...

Power & Energy

Powering efficiencies in the energy and power generation industry with large-volume measurement and precision part production


The medical technology industry is a uniquely challenging space for manufacturers, with demanding regulatory requirements reinforcing demand for functionally flawless...

General Manufacturing

Balancing tolerances with throughput to optimise general manufacturing processes and maximise productivity whatever the application.

Heavy Industry

Providing metrology on a large scale to make lighter work of heavy industry through data-driven manufacturing

Tooling, Mould & Die

Enabling fast and reliable manufacturing processes through the accurate production of tooling, moulds and dies

Other Cool Stuff

Other specialist, unique and interesting applications of measurement technology in industrial manufacturing and beyond

Arts and Culture

In the course of history, humankind has created a rich cultural heritage in architecture, fine arts, archaeology and palaeontology, to name just a few. These magnificent...