Explore the specialist measurement applications and production challenges of your sector, and find out how Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence supports industrial manufacturers in improving efficiency.

With a huge range of 3D metrology technology available, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers the right measurement solution for your application. Enabling efficient and accurate dimensional inspection for a wide variety of functions, we support industrial manufacturers at every stage of product development from concept through research, design development, modelling, prototyping and testing to manufacturing and final assembly.

Whether your business involves the large-scale inspection of one-off workpieces or 100% inspection of micro-manufactured small parts in mass production, we can support you with customisable metrology solutions to suit each product. High-accuracy coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer tactile probing and scanning for special geometries such as blades, blisks, gears and other powertrain components.

Non-contact vision, optical and laser scanning techniques support manufacturers using delicate materials like plastics, while gantry CMMs, white light scanners and laser trackers all offer comprehensive measurement methods for surface inspection applications such as vehicle body in white, closures and other sheet metal manufacturing processes.

Versatile portable measuring arms give you quick and convenient measurement results around the shop floor, ensuring the correct setup and alignment of tooling and fixtures, allowing in-process on-machine measurement at any point during production, and even providing a dedicated method of tube inspection.

Laser scanning solutions offer the rich point cloud data and 3D digitisation required for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and virtual assembly. We also offer a range of advanced systems for automated applications including laser tracker guided robotic calibration and assembly, while our solutions are also designed to integrate seamlessly with wider automated production processes and product lifecycle management systems.


Solutions to support the manufacture, measurement and maintenance of propeller, turbine and rotor blades for full a range of industrial applications.


Measurement techniques and technologies to improve the design, manufacture, inspection and maintenance of blade integrated disks (blisks)


Solutions to support the design, production and inspection requirements of manufacturing by sand and plaster mould casting, die and permanent mould casting, investment casting and similar techniques.


Everything you need to know about carbon-fibre reinforced polymer materials and the challenges and opportunities they present in manufacturing across various key industries.


Dynamic production solutions and measurement techniques to help gear manufacturers optimise processes for complex parts to a consistently high standard with traceable and reliable results.  

Machine Shop Excellence

Optimise processes and ensure end-to-end efficiency with smart manufacturing workflows for the machine shop.


Inspection methods for the complex precision parts of powertrain and transmission systems to drive measurable efficiency in the factory and on the road.

Special Geometry

Specialist metrology techniques to support the accurate manufacture of components with complex geometries, challenging material types and other unique applications.