Structured light scanners

Structured light scanner systems are comprehensive 3D optical measurement solutions that deliver high-accuracy data capture at high-speed for small-to-medium sized parts.

StereoScan neo

The advanced structured light scanner featuring Smart Phase Projection technology that allows for the best scanning results on dark and shiny surfaces


Capture even complex surface geometries and fragile or deformable parts quickly with a high degree of accuracy with this compact optical 3D scanner.


Entry-level structured light scanner for highly precise 3D digitisation of industrial components with a range of configuration options.

PartInspect L

PartInspect L is a fast and simple automated part measurement solution for the shop floor based on high-end structured-light scanning technology

RS-SQUARED Area Scanner

The RS-SQUARED Area Scanner brings ultra-high-productivity 3D white light scanning to the Absolute Arm 7-Axis.

RS Wireless Scanning Bundle

The RS-SQUARED Area Scanner, RS5 Laser Scanner and Wireless Pack CP-W turn the Absolute Arm into a highly portable and multi-functional scanning device.