CALIPRI C12 / C12 Cobot

Fully-Automated Inline Measurement Solutions for Automotive Gap and Flush Inspection

Offering fully-automated gap and flush measurement, the CALIPRI C12 / C12 Cobot inline measurement systems support 100% inspection of car body assemblies with mounted closures and fenders either in the car body shop or on the final assembly line.

The CALIPRI C12 and CALIPRI C12 Cobot non-contact inspection solutions are compatible with a range of industrial robots as well as with lightweight and collaborative robots that allow robot and human interaction. The CALIPRI C12 system is integrated with both the industrial robots and the line programmable logic controller (PLC) system, making the inspection cell fully adaptive to multiple models on the line. CALIPRI C12 systems are usually used in the body-in-white (BiW) line or at rework stations, while the CALIPRI C12 Cobot model is usually installed in the final assembly lines. The CALIPRI C12 Cobot offers smaller cell footprint and provides new ways for final assembly associates to work in close proximity. For both systems, real-time results are displayed automatically and can guide rework and adjustment at rework stations. They can also provide compensation data for the robotic assembly operations. 

CALIPRI fully-automated measurement systems are used in several automotive production phases, including inline gap and flush inspection for BiW assembly lines, and inline gap and flush inspection after painting or in final assembly. Stop/go or moving line measurements are also supported.

Gap & Profile Measurement: Automotive Industry Brochure