ROMER Absolute Arm

Absolutely valuable

The ROMER Absolute Arm is no longer available. It's time to meet the next evolution of portable measuring arms.

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A first in the world of portable measuring arms: The ROMER Absolute Arm features absolute encoders and is therefore the first measuring arm which does not require referencing before measurement. When the arm is turned on, it's ready to go.

Quality control, inspection, on-machine verification, reverse engineering, virtual assembly or 3D modelling. Wherever these needs arise, you will find the ROMER Absolute Arm. Much more than just a metrology tool, its value lies in its versatility. Portability, stability, light weight and high-performance laser scanners make the ROMER Absolute Arm an all-purpose 3D measurement, analysis and digitising tool that can be used by anyone, anywhere and with minimum training.

Unlike many metrology devices, the ROMER Absolute Arm does not require warm-up time or initialization, thanks to a stable carbon fiber structure and industry leading Absolute encoders. Simply take the measuring arm to the part, switch it on and start measuring.

All models of the ROMER Absolute Arm are available in three levels of accuracy, allowing you to select the right measuring arm for your application requirements and budget. The 73 Series and 75 Series arms offer excellent price/performance ratios for everyday metrology operations, while the 77 Series – the most accurate ROMER Absolute Arm ever produced – is ideal for specialist or high-end measurement applications.

Increasing productivity across all industries.

 Typical Industries:  Typical Measuring Applications:
 Automotive  Sheet Metal Parts
 Aerospace  Dies & Molds/Tooling
 Power Generation / Wind Energy  Machined Parts
 Forming Industry  Jigs & Fixture setup and alignment
 Casting Industry  Tubes & Tube Assembly
 Fabricated metal products  CAD-to-Part comparison
 Machinery Manufacturing  Alignment
 Sports Equipment  Reverse Engineering
 Piping & Tubing  Virtual Assembly
 Agriculture & Heavy Equipment  Body in White
 Ship and Boat building  On-machine tool inspection
 Railway  Composites inspection
 Archaeological and Historic Preservation  Die-Casting and Patterns

ROMER Absolute Arm Overview