CMM Probes and Sensors

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s comprehensive range of CMM probe heads, CMM probes, CMM probe changers, CMM styli and accessories for coordinate measuring machines represents the latest evolution in probing technology for coordinate measuring.

Probe Heads

The probe head forms the heart of every coordinate measuring machine. Combined with a probe, it generates the measurement data during inspection cycles.

Touch Trigger Probes

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence manufactures touch trigger probes for fast and repeatable 3D measurements.

Scanning Probes

Scanning at its best - this is what users can expect with the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence scanning probes.

Non-Contact Sensors

Optical probes expand the possible applications of a coordinate measuring machine.

Roughness Sensors

The texture of a workpiece surface is more important than ever in quality assurance.

Sensor, Probe and Styli Changers

The measurement of different parts on the same coordinate measuring machine (CMM) affords a high value of flexibility for different sensor configurations and machine setups.

Styli and Accessories

Every application is different, which is why Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers a wide range of different types of stylus components and accessories. From extensions...