Bridge the Gap: Summer CMM Special

Increase your productivity with these limited time offers

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Bridge the Gap in your quality operation with one of these offers. These special offers have been tailored to address specific productivity challenges that we see at many manufacturing sites today. Whether that is using technology that is limited or requiring more flexibility in how you work, we are here to help you Bridge the Gap.

For a limited time, please take advantage of one of these exciting special offers.

Easily integrate quality into production for less - Up to a $12,000 value.

Move your quality inspection to the point of manufacture and step into the Smart Factory. For a limited time, take advantage of this select CMM bundle* 

The packages include: 

  • Protective bellows to guard against interruptions from dust and airborne particulates 
  • PULSE environmental monitoring to keep tabs on temperature swings and probe crashes
  • Extended temperature range to ensure reliable measurement, even in the shop floor environment
  • SwiftFix fixturing system to change out different workpieces quickly and easily

*Available on select CMMs; TIGO SF, 7.10.7 SF and GLOBAL S Green and Blue 12.15.10, 12.22.10 and 12.30.10

The Big Deal- Save up to $45,000 with the DELTA OPERA

For a limited time, Hexagon’s DELTA OPERA gantry-style coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is available at a special discounted rate. Add a DELTA OPERA to your fleet of measurement tools and benefit from a wide range of special features from this innovative product, while saving on investment requirements.

  • Easier, safer and faster loading
  • Higher inspection throughput
  • Maximum part accessibility
  • Reduced footprint and cost
  • Customizable configurations

Thanks to its pioneering half-open design concept, the DELTA OPERA is the perfect CMM for applications involving large, hard to move parts. The ground-breaking half-bridge, half-gantry structure of the DELTA OPERA means parts can be loaded from the front, rear and side of the CMM, allowing for wide flexibility in loading and programming measurements.

In addition to these offers, new CMM owners will receive:

  • Free training credit available for one year
  • Free year of HxGN SFx | Asset Management PRO