Changing the large volume digitization landscape with direct scanning Laser Trackers


Webinar Changing the Large Volume Digitization Landscape with Direct Scanning Laser Trackers

This webinar looks at the evolution of the 3D laser tracker from when it was a measurement device requiring a handled mirrored sphere to its latest incarnation as a non-contact precision scanning device capable of solving unique problems in new ways.

We will focus on the technological achievements required to create this groundbreaking product and walk through a real-world example of how this technology reduced both installation time and cost for a major renovation at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How direct scanning laser trackers change the traditional terrestrial laser scanner workflow:
    • Less time post processing scan jobs
    • Quicker on the job scanning process
    • Only measure what you need and verify it before you leave the field
  • How direct scanning laser trackers bring a paradigm shift to large volume laser scanning:
    • All new levels of accuracy for direct scanning lasers
  • How combined reflector and reflectorless capabilities can replace several sensors with a single unit.

  • We will demonstrate how these new workflows can reduce project costs and time
Speaker information:
Joel Martin
Product Manager - Laser Tracker Product Line
Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division

Joel Martin serves as the Laser Tracker Product Manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Martin has spent over 20 years dedicated to the Leica laser tracker product line and the industrial metrology market. He entered the profession as an Applications Engineer after his university studies in Electrical Engineering. He worked hands-on with clients to ensure successful product integration into industries such as automotive, aerospace and more. Martin transitioned into other roles in sales and key account management. Promoted to Product Manager, Joel focused on new product development working closely with the technical staff at the Leica factory headquarters in Unterentfelden, Switzerland. 
Martin is currently responsible for new business development of the Leica Absolute laser tracker product line into emerging and growing markets. He leads product development with a market- driven mindset focused on features, benefits, and solutions that satisfy end user requirements.

Arash Yaghoubi
Trained as an architect amongst computer scientists and engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Arash Yaghoubi dreamed of a multi-disciplinary career. After mucking around for ten years in construction corporate ladders he discovered metrology and realized many use cases in construction problem solving. Arash founded Hypsometric in 2013 with the goal of adapting tolerance management from manufacturing to construction by digitizing, modeling, and mapping larger scale projects in a singular software environment. Seven years on he and his team have tackled some of New York’s most challenging measurement tasks, from deep under Grand Central to the top of the Freedom Tower. A late convert to Hexagon trackers, he has always been suspicious of blue products promising clouds with silver linings. 

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