Automating Carbon Composite Layups and How to Ensure Their Quality Instantly


Webinar: Automating Carbon Composite Layups

Carbon composite materials are widely used in the U.S aerospace and automotive industries.  Existing automated layup solutions are limited to large, simpler geometries, and the manual process known as hand layup is currently used to overcome this limitation.  However, it is ergonomically challenging and oftentimes can lead to inconsistent part quality. 
A study was recently conducted by a team of PhD students at the University of Southern California Center for Advanced Manufacturing focused on the creation of a hybrid cell aimed towards reducing the tedious labor during fabrication of composites, and how the Apodius Vision Sensor from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence delivers high-definition fiber orientation and geometry measurement of carbon-fiber components that is unmatched on the metrology market.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The advantages of automated carbon composite sheet layup  
  • The development of specialized automation technologies for carbon composite layups
  • How portable metrology solutions from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence were used to determine fiber conformity and alignment.

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