Space Exploration

Measurable progress in space exploration technologies

Ever since humankind first attempted to reach the stars, the field of space exploration has been at the cutting edge of technological progress. The space race of the twentieth century may be over, but the industry continues both in the name of scientific progress and commercial enterprise. Today’s space industry focuses on launch vehicle production, satellite manufacturing and ground support system engineering.

To continue manned missions to space, as well as the schedule of probe and satellite launches, manufacturers must develop new space vehicles and ground equipment. With our increasing reliance on the communications, GPS navigation, security surveillance, weather monitoring and entertainment broadcasts provided by satellites, there is a surprising amount of growth in this seemingly niche sector.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence supports public and private sector enterprises manufacturing equipment for the space industry, providing the sub-micron 3D measurement accuracy required for electronic components along with the manufacturing precision needed to send human technology successfully into orbit. Our reverse engineering and rapid prototyping solutions enable experimental equipment concepts to be realised and tested, keeping the space industry at the forefront of technological development.

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