Power & Energy

Powering efficiencies in the energy and power generation industry with large-volume measurement and precision part production

Our growing dependence on electricity and the need to develop more sustainable ways to meet both electrical and heat energy capacity requirements is one of the great challenges of the twenty-first century. With capacities stretched and market competition rising, a key priority is to improve the efficiency of new renewable sources like solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy and biomass technologies. Energy and power companies must also find new ways to access and optimise our limited fossil fuel resources, including coal, oil and gas, as well as seeking cleaner, safer ways to harness the potential of nuclear power.

Central to all these efforts are huge industrial installations with advanced technology within, from the giant gas turbines of power plants to the photovoltaic panels of solar farms. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence solutions are used throughout the energy generation industry, offering the precision measurement required to verify the quality of parts ranging from hydraulic pumps and compressor components to gearing systems and large turbine blades. Portable measuring arms and 3D laser trackers come into their own during the on-site assembly and large-volume inspection processes required to ensure efficiency in this vital industry today, while data-driven design is helping energy companies improve the power supply solutions of tomorrow.

Wind Energy Inspection Solutions Brochure