Integrated circuits and components

Enabling the precise and rapid development of integrated circuits and components

Innovation in the design and manufacturing of integrated circuits (ICs) and components underpins advances in the speed, size, cost and performance of the latest technology, including mobile devices, PCs and tablets.

At Hexagon we deliver the design and engineering, production and inspection solutions that help researchers and manufacturers develop, test, build and inspect the electronic components of tomorrow.

Simulation software makes it faster and more cost-effective to research and design new ICs and components. Hexagon specialises in creating highly flexible simulation environments, which let researchers analyse multiple options and speed up technology validation times as they develop components for new hardware running applications based on 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing virtual reality and the Internet of Things. Manufacturers depend on our systems to simulate tests for multiple factors, including thermal stress, choice of materials, warping, fatigue, convection, electro-statics, placement and heat flux.

With Hexagon’s software it is possible, for example, to simulate how a change in temperature places stress on joined materials in an IC which have dissimilar thermal expansion coefficients. Other applications include reducing the use of materials when creating environmentally friendly heatsinks.

Precision and throughput are paramount during the production of components. Semiconductor tool makers, for example, rely on Hexagon’s automated laser tracker to align production tools in the cleanroom. And Hexagon’s CMMs for the electronics industry provide multisensor measuring technology and software at the levels of throughput, precision and cost-effectiveness that suits each manufacturer’s needs.


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