Upgrades & Retrofits

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence are able to offer a choice of services from straightforward Software only upgrades through to complete machine retrofits.

CMM retrofits

CMM’s traditionally have been built to last, and with most of them using air bearings as guide ways, there is very little wear and tear. When a machine frame is well serviced its life can easily be extended beyond 20 years in some cases.

The same cannot be said for certain mechanical and electrical parts however, and through Hexagons Upgrades services it is possible to retrofit a machine to run with the latest electronics and software.

What do we mean when we talk about CMM Retrofits, and CMM Upgrades?

Let us define the difference between these two every different options:

CMM Upgrade:

  • New PC and PC peripherals are Supplied.
  • New Software & Training is Supplied
  • CMM will remain using the existing CNC control system.
  • CMM will remain with existing hardware, cables, motors, drives, other mechanical and electrical devices.
  • Measuring Scales and electronics will also remain.

CMM Retrofit:

  • New PC and PC peripherals are Supplied
  • New Software & Training is Supplied
  • CNC Control System will be replaced with latest technology.
  • Sometimes CMM will be completely rewired.
  • Motors and Drives will often remain but could be replaced to work with the new system.
  • Measuring Scales will normally remain if they are in good order and successful electronic interface to them can take place.

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