Automated white light system

The white light measuring system Hexagon WLS400A is a flexible solution for real-time shop floor metrology. It acquires rich dimensional information from measured objects regardless of size, complexity or geometric features. This turnkey solution overcomes demanding environmental conditions such as vibrations, temperature and illumination changes and is applicable with all common industrial robots.

Compared to traditional measurement methods, Hexagon WLS400A offers:

  • Up to 50% savings in checking fixtures costs
  • Lower sampling per tryout event
  • Reduced metrology data interpretation effort
  • Change of inspection points without tooling investment
  • Reduced number of special studies and lay-out panels
  • Reduced number of physical builds using virtual assembly studies
  • Minimum scrap costs during line tune-in and ramp up
  • Higher system throughput
  • Significant reduction of labour costs
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Overall lower cost of quality


About you
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Hexagon WLS400A is designed to ensure highly reliable measurements without compromising on measurement throughput, flexibility and ease of use critical for recurring operations.
  • Large area coverage in single shot (500 x 500 mm)
  • Sufficient working distance - no supervision necessary
  • Allows planning and programming of detailed measurement programs
  • Measures full surfaces, geometric features and edges
  • Provides intuitive colour map based deviations analysis
  • Fully integrated to an industrial cell using common robots
  • No need for spraying the object in most metrology applications
  • Digital communication unaffected by industrial conditions
  • Offers real time processing of measurement results
  • Integrated support for control and safety features
  • Generates and distributes measurement results and reports
  • Produces high quality 3D model outputs
  • Data interfaces to SPC software systems

Analysis and Report Generation.

  • Automatic generation of predefined reports without operator intervention.
  • Comprehensive 3D surface and features deviation analysis.
  • Allows multiples measurement results to be stored for further analysis and reporting using integrated software functions.
  • Cross-section analysis including measured dimensions and deviations from design.
  • Data collection and archiving on server.
  • Analyze single or multiple measurements.
  • Full edge line deviation compared to design intent (CAD).
  • Detailed features and dimensions results compliance with GD&T.
3 X 4.0 Megapixel digital cameras designed for industrial applications
Protected by rigid and temperature stable carbon fibre housing

Projection & 3D Reconstruction Technology
Random Pattern Projection

Rapid Shot Stereo Vision Technology
Integrated 2D & 3D technology for fast and accurate surface and features measurement

LED based high power illumination. Reliable and durable.

System operation
Field of view: 500 x 500 mm / 19.7 x 19.7 in.
Depth of Field: 230 mm / 9.1 in.
Optimal Working Distance: 780 mm / 30.7 in.

Hexagon WLS400 Optical Head [WxHxD]: 550 x 265 x 280 mm / 21.7 x 10.4 x 11.0 in.
Hexagon WLS400 Controller [WxHxD]: 510 x 210 x 245 mm / 20.1 x 8.3 x 9.7 in.

Optical Head : 8 kg / 17.6 lbs.
Control Cabinet: 7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs.

Electrical compatibility
Voltage: 100 - 230 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Power: 0.7 kW - at peak consumption

Working environment conditions
Operating temperature: 5 - 35° C / 41 - 95° F (limited by PC/Laptop specification. Can be enhanced with cooling systems)
Operating lighting conditions: Low sensitivity to industrial lighting, ambient light sources and non direct daylight
Structure/facility vibrations: Designed for operation in industrial environment with heavy machinery (stamping press, CNC, robotics, etc).

Periodic system certification
On site yearly calibration and certification to traceable artefacts

Operating System: Windows XP SP3
Computing platform: Laptop or PC
System Software: CoreView™ by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Certifications & standards
VDI/VDE 2634 Part 2 standard for optical measurement systems
Traceability to NIST metrology standard artifacts
ISO 9001:2000

The Hexagon WLS400 sensor and supporting CoreView software suite is based on innovative and unique technology developed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence . These products are protected by multiple approved patents and other pending patent applications.

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