Tube and wire inspection solutions

Hexagon’s comprehensive range of tube and wire measurement systems delivers solutions tailored to a variety of applications in the world of tube production.


TubeInspect is an all-in-one turnkey measurement cell specially developed for the efficient quality control of bent tubes and wires.

Absolute Arm with BendingStudio

Combining BendingStudio software with Absolute Arm laser scanning hardware delivers unmatched speed and flexibility to the tube and wire production industry.

Absolute Arm with TubeShaper

The Absolute Arm with TubeShaper system combines a powerful portable arm with specially designed infrared probes and state-of-the-art tube analysis software.


BendingStudio links all data and processes involved in the manufacture of bended parts, from production and process planning to manufacturing and quality control.


Created specifically for the Absolute Arm, TubeShaper brings user-friendly inspection to the tube manufacturing sector.

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