HP-L-10.10 Laser Scanning Sensor

The all-in-one laser scanner – Combining speed, accuracy, flexibility and intuitiveness

The Hexagon HP-L-10.10 isn’t just a market-leading scanning solution for CMMs. It’s the one laser scanner that turns your CMM into an optical multisensor system, combining unmatched speed, accuracy and flexibility to streamline the measurement of complex surfaces and workpieces. The cutting-edge HP-L-10.10 in combination with PC-DMIS software is prepared for any inspection challenge, setting a new standard for CMM laser scanning.  

HP-L-10.10 is Hexagon’s most accurate laser scanner for CMMs. With a probing form error of 8 μm, the accuracy is close to the results operators can achieve with tactile probing solutions. At the same time, the HP-L-10.10 captures up to 600 000 points per second, which means unprecedent speed and amount of data, even when measuring difficult surfaces, like reflective or shiny ones. 

HP-L-10.10 isn’t just superior when it comes to performance and accuracy; together with PC-DMIS measuring software it also brings unique new functions that transform the usage of CMMs during programming and executing measurement programs, as well as for advanced reporting and collaboration. 
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 Laser class  2 (EN / IEC 60825-1:2014)
 Emitted wavelength  450 nm (visible blue)
 Maximum average radiant power  ≤1 mW
 Declared accuracy temperature range  16 to 26 °C (61 to 79°F)
 Protection against dust and water  IP51 (IEC/EN 60529) (except for warm-up terminal)
 Ambient humidity  95% non-condensing
 Operating temperature  16 to 32 °C (32 to 89.6°F)
 Storage temperature  -30 to +70 °C (-22 to +158°F)
 Weight   427 g



 Scanning frequency (Lines per second)  300 Hz
 Data rate  600 000 pts/sec
 Ambient light immunity of the sensor  10 000 lx
 Standoff and depth (Z)  90 ± 30 mm (additional 30 mm with eFOV)
 Laser line width  80 mm (At mid-field)




 ISO 10360-8:2013  Sphere  P[Form.Sph.D95%:Tr:ODS]  12 µm
 P[Form.Sph.1x25:Tr:ODS]  8 µm
 P[Size.Sph.All:Tr:ODS]  14 µm
 L[Dia.5x25:Art:ODS  24 µm
 Plane  P[Form.Sph.D95%:Tr:ODS]  12 µm
 ISO 10360-9:2013
 (HP-L-10.10 + HP-THDe or HP-S-X1)
  Sphere  L[Dia.2x25::MPS]  18 µm

All specifications are applicable for bridge type CMMs with indexable wrist. Specifications include measurement uncertainty according ISO/TS 17865:2016 

Measurements performed within extended field of view (eFOV) will result in approximately doubled dispersion error in comparison to the standard field of view (sFOV). Extended field of view (eFOV) enablement does not affect accuracy of measurements generated within standard field of view (sFOV).

All stated values are subject to change without further notice.
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