Ensuring responsible product development for a greener future

Operating with concern for environmental issues is an integral part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s business philosophy. We implement processes with consideration for sustainability and the pursuit of ecologically-friendly product development. A fundamental principle of our environmental initiatives is the careful use of resources in our manufacturing whenever possible.

Responsibility and respect for the environment

Where our activities may have an environmental impact, we are guided by what is ecologically motivated, technically possible and financially defensible. In accordance with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s environmental policy, we:

  • Comply with laws, regulations and directions which relate to environmental protection
  • Limit the use of natural resources by minimising the consumption of materials and maximising their reuse
  • Utilise safe and environmentally-friendly installations in manufacturing processes
  • Use energy in an economical and cost-efficient manner in our buildings, production plants and during our service and support operations
  • Educate our employees in the fundamentals of environmental issues to enable them to work in a creative and environmentally aware manner
  • Aim to maximise environmentally-friendly transport options
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Certification and directives

To be able to conduct profitable operations, it is essential to meet international quality standards and specific customer demands. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence holds a number of certificates that attest to the quality of products, manufacturing processes and customer satisfaction, and these are reviewed and examined regularly.

All Hexagon products and plants are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 where this is warranted. Certification means customers can be safe in the knowledge that we follow high-level quality and environmental standards and that our operations are conducted in accordance with defined and measurable processes.

In accordance with the European Union's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and RoHS directives, we strive to reduce the amount of waste that is produced during the lifetime of our products. Where possible, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence selects materials and components that can be reused or recycled.

Responsibilities as an innovator

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence addresses the issue of sustainability at the beginning of every product development and design process. For us, sustainable product development includes:

  • Controlling and striving to reduce the size and weight of its products to minimise the use of materials such as metals and plastics
  • Using recyclable materials, such as aluminium and brass, whenever possible
  • Facilitating upgrades of products and services to extend the lifecycle of the product
  • Increasing compatibility with other measuring systems or components, thereby broadening the functionality of the measuring system
  • Designing ergonomic products that are easy to use
  • Reducing the consumption of hazardous materials in product design