Consumer and industrial electronics

Design, production and metrology solutions for manufacturing next-generation consumer and industrial devices

Hexagon’s data-driven design, engineering, manufacturing and inspection solutions give consumer and industrial electronics companies the edge they need to compete in a fast-moving environment.

Design needs to adapt quickly to advances in technology and consumer demands, while attaining cost, durability, performance and user experience targets.

Our simulation software makes it simple for design and engineering teams to quickly evaluate and deliver the new parts and products that determine the success of global electronics brands without building costly prototypes. Versatile, our software can model discrete factors, such as conduction, convection and radiation, or provide a richer, complete view of product performance through co-simulation for overall system behaviour. 

Complementing our CAE solutions, Hexagon production software provides a rich suite of integrated capabilities that enable our customers to generate, manage and optimise fast and reliable manufacturing processes. By incorporating surface and solid modelling, plastic flow front analysis, sheet metal development, 3D tool design, comprehensive 2D, 3D and 5-axis milling strategies, as well as some of the industry’s most advanced additive manufacturing capabilities, our customers are able to drive their manufacturing throughput and quality with confidence.

Our metrology solutions are widely used across the consumer and industrial electronics sector to ensure the quality of parts and products, ranging from actuators, printed circuit boards (PCBs), smartphone enclosures, and lead frames, through to sensors, speakers, smart home devices and white goods. Our multisensor measuring solutions enable manufacturers to accurately inspect carbon fibre composites and 3D glass, as well as complex geometries and freeform shapes, all while adapting to new designs and materials.

Whether our customers’ focus is on high throughput, precision or innovation, our systems enable them to collect and analyse the data that makes their design and engineering, manufacturing and inspection processes smarter.

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