Giving electronics companies the edge in research, design, manufacturing and inspection

Hexagon enables electronics researchers, designers, engineers and manufacturers to stay ahead in an environment shaped by rapid innovation in design, functionality and performance. 

Whether our customers are creating next generation smartphones, micro-electronic components, self-driving cars, white goods, aerospace flight control systems and avionics, or industrial robots, Hexagon provides the design, simulation, production and inspection solutions that ensure products evolve as quickly as customer requirements and attain the right levels of quality. 

During product research and design, Hexagon’s simulation software replaces time-consuming and expensive physical prototyping with virtual product simulation and testing. Hexagon’s ground-breaking simulation software has a proven history of helping customers optimise the design of complex, interlinked, systems. By using Hexagon's solutions, engineers can evaluate more technology options faster, optimise their designs and improve quality management. They can also better understand, and visualise, how design changes impact overall product performance. 

When it comes to production, our software helps ensure managed and repeatable quality and yield levels by simulating and optimising manufacturing processes. All while generating and exchanging the data needed to drive, and manage, smarter, faster and more cost-effective design and manufacturing.

And critically, Hexagon’s wide range of inspection technology offers solutions for numerous applications in the electronics industry, whether the focus is on high throughput, dense data capture, accuracy in the µm range, ensuring fit and finish, or the rapid measurement of freeform shapes. 

Consumer and industrial electronics

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