From body-in-white to part inspection, see how our solutions are integrated into the automotive production line.

Automated perfection in automotive

A comprehensive automated inspection system based on laser tracker measurement and advanced 3D scanning is just the beginning at Tofaş

Automated optical measurement as an engine of modernisation and innovation

Leading automotive manufacturer ŠKODA AUTO has now been a part of the Volkswagen Group for 30 years. During this time, it has developed into a strong and internationally successful company offering ten different vehicle model lines across worldwide markets. With the emerging trend of clean mobility, it plans to further expand its portfolio, and not only with electric cars.

Q-DAS IMC for automatic calculation and transfer of tool correction values to the machine tool control

The BOOSTER Precision Components (Schwanewede) GmbH stands for innovation and highest quality in the production of compressor wheels for exhaust gas turbochargers and other high-precision components.

High-quality innenmeisterbock inspection for Audi e-tron

The varied and eventful history of Audi Brussels extends back to 1948 and has witnessed a number of major milestones in the field of car manufacturing. Since 2018 the plant is synonymous with e-mobility, as production site of the Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback, the brand’s first full-electric SUV range.

Portability and support drives quality in forklift manufacturing

Hyster-Yale designs, engineers, manufactures, markets and services a comprehensive line of lift trucks and aftermarket parts marketed globally primarily under the HysterTM and YaleTM brand names. The group has been building relationships and partnering with customers, suppliers, dealers and employees for over 90 years. 

Freedom to measure with Volvo

With some 2400 employees, Volvo Car Body Components (VCBC) in Olofström is an automotive production plant that produces millions of car body parts every year. From hoods and roofs to doors and subassemblies, the facility is dedicated to pressing sheet metal into vital car components that are shipped whole or partially assembled to Volvo car factories around the world for final assembly and finishing.

ALPHACAM Programs Antennas For Driverless Cars

Autonomous – or driverless – cars of the future will rely on highly specialised antenna technology to ensure that precision geo-location keeps the occupants safe. The antennas receive accurate positioning data used to guide the car while it’s driving autonomously.

Hexagon measurement keeps productivity on track

Just like the cars on the circuit, manufacturing operations at Red Bull Racing need to be fast. The typical car consists of around 7 500 parts and can undergo up to 30 000 design changes in a single F1 season.

H. V. Wooding Spots Gap in Steel Bonding for Electric Vehicle Laminations

A company specialising in renewable energy is seeing major changes in the components it is being asked to produce for electric vehicles.

RADAN Delivers Higher Profit Margins in Subcontractor’s Smart Factory Vision

Powerful automatic nesting in RADAN CAD/CAM software achieves a sheet metal subcontractor’s target for its raw material utilisation as part of its Smart Factory vision.

1,194 Hours Saved

By measuring workpieces while they were still in the machine using m&h 3D Form Inspect, the machine tool construction at Peugeot PSA, Mulhouse, saved 1.194 production hours in a year. This represents a cost savings of 78.000 euros with faster production throughput and improved quality. The production capacity gains are not counted in this. Rating: worth imitating.

Hexagon Simulation Increases PCI-SCEMM Productivity

Simulation software from Hexagon, that reads the post-processed G-code to identify machining tool paths, literally brought a specialist manufacturer into the 21st Century, and now helps improve  productivity by up to 30 per cent.

High-end metrology for manufacturing

The Measurewel Group is one of the leading professional providers of dimensional inspection, calibration and engineering services. Since its inception in 2007, the company has regularly provided services to a wide range of sectors including automotive, aerospace, power and energy, steel manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Under the banner of Connectivity 2.0

ContiTech Anoflex, a subsidiary of the Continental Group since 1988, is a development partner and OEM automotive supplier for hoses, hose assemblies and complete hose systems for fluid transfer, using materials including elastomers, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Quality at First Sight

SEAT, which is part of the Volkswagen group, doesn’t just manufacture cars to very high levels of technical performance. It also ensures its customers perceive its cars’ quality at a glance. The look, touch and feel of a car are an important part of the overall customer experience, with perceived quality playing an essential role in any buying decision.

Car seat manufacturer cuts costs and improves quality with stamping analysis tool

According to automotive manufacturer Adient, 1/3 of all cars feature the company’s components. As such, there’s an inevitable pressure on Adient to continually innovate its offering and manufacturing processes.

Achieving Superb Fit and Finish on the Updated Audi TT

AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. develops and produces engines for AUDI AG and other companies of the Volkswagen Group in Győr, Hungary. In 2013, the company inaugurated a new automobile plant there covering the complete production process.

“Mansory Edition” – Exclusive Tuning Of Premium Class Luxury Cars

Distinguished bodywork design combined with a stylish interior and enhanced engine performance at the highest level: This is the quality commitment mission of the famed German automobile tuning company Mansory.

Optimising Process. Optimising Experience.

Working at high speed while balancing costs and maintaining complete confidence in process reliability and product quality is critical for a company like the BMW Group. The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 delivered just that in an environment where anything short of excellence is unacceptable.

Flexibility and precision for the construction of prototypes

All Daimler AG series of passenger cars are prepared for testing in the overall-vehicle test workshop. This is where designers’ ideas can be put into practice on actual prototypes. It goes without saying that maximum precision is essential for all components to be able to transfer the latest technologies and innovations from the drawing board to the road.

Fully Automated In-Line Measurement

Vehicles are expected to meet ever higher efficiency standards without sacrificing safety and driving dynamics. Despite weight and cost optimization, suspension systems must be safe even after traveling thousands of kilometers. One of the tasks of BENTELER JIT Düsseldorf GmbH is to ensure these needs are met successfully. The company checks the camber angle between shock absorber and brake disc with AICON's optical 3D coordinate measuring machine MoveInspect HR. It is a fully automated in-line measurement solution!

Streamlining Tool Costing and Process Planning

Over six decades, Flex-N-Gate has established itself as a major player in the global automotive industry, specializing in the manufacture and supply of large stamped metal and welded components, assemblies, and plastic parts.

Precision Straight off the Machine

Volkswagen produces injection moulds and dies for large parts and key components at the company’s own Components Toolmaking Division. To ensure the contour accuracy and precision of the workpieces, they are measured using m&h touch probes and software. The process is carried out when the workpieces are on the machine and they are only removed when they have been verified. This promotes smooth-running operations and significantly shortens the overall production process.

Measures 10 Tubes in 85 Seconds

From a sketch right through to the finished product, from a single source – that’s the business idea of the Swedish Proton Engineering company. The company is a one-stop supplier of tube and sheet metal structures: Air/fuel lines, struts and covers for lorries. The main aim is always to provide customers with the best possible quality. This means that reliable quality control at all stages of the production process is absolutely vital. Proton Engineering has been using AICON’s TubeInspect P16 tube and wire measuring system since the autumn of 2015.

Pioneer in Wire Technology

Can wire be measured using a tube measuring system? This was the question hanging in the air in 2007 when Kokinetics GmbH was considering the procurement of an optical tube measuring system as an alternative to their conventional gaging checks.  The question was quickly answered with a clear “Yes”.  Kokinetics purchased a TubeInspect S optical measuring system and since spring 2008 the system has proven successfully in the routine testing of bent wires, making Kokinetics a pioneer in wire bending industry.

Prototype Design in 3D for Customized Sports Cars

TechArt Automobildesign GmbH is a successful German car design company, specialized in the design development and manufacturing of individually customized cars. The broad creative design spectrum, which is based on Porsche sport cars, stretches from the complete vehicle body to the interior fittings all the way to customized engine tuning. The prototypes of the car body parts are handmade using glass fiber; for the subsequent serial production, the high resolution digitization technology of an AICON StereoScan is called into action.


Tube measuring at Daimler: TubeInspect in the automotive industry

Brake and fuel lines for the E and S Class from Mercedes-Benz are manufactured in the tube production plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. The lines, made from aluminum or steel, have diameters ranging from roughly 4 mm to 15 mm. Supplied in fixed sizes, ready-cut tubes are first provided with fittings on an automatic tube end processing machine, swaged if necessary, and then formed on bending machines. Despite their different makes and years of manufacture, the tube bending machines all have one thing in common: their quality check takes place on the AICON tube measuring machine TubeInspect.

Effective Combination

In the mould making shop of the German company Reum, they do universal machining and measuring with m&h touch probes and software on a HURON K2X10. Daily use in various operations has fulfilled all expectations.

Pioneers in Scanning and Reverse Engineering for Shock Absorber Manufacturing

Hexagon Metrology’s long list of customers and partners includes KYB the largest manufacturer of shock absorbers worldwide. This Japanese giant, with its global presence, uses the ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner for its pioneering reverse engineering work at its Technical Centre in Ororbia, Spain. The measuring arm provides precise, effective and rapid action to a key process, allowing subsequent series production and ensuring excellent levels of quality.

AIcon Components Pistons

Edgecam Manages the Right Strategy For Taking the Brakes Off

Automating much of its CAM programming for specialised motorsport braking pistons, means Alcon Components can create CNC toolpaths for hundreds of variants in two minutes.

Manufacturing Versatility

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps component manufacturer deal with diverse customer demands.

Totally automated process control for automobile bodywork components

Production cycle efficiency, strict compliance with delivery times, accurate quality control of process and product, focused and motivating management of human resources at all levels. These are just a few of the principles that govern the daily occurrences and ongoing evolution of activities at PMC Automotive, based in the industrial area that has grown up around one of the main Italian factories of the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) group: Melfi.

Calibrating In The Premier League

Robert Bosch GmbH has been playing in the league of exceptional calibration laboratories certified by the German Calibration Service (DKD) for more than 25 years. Over this time, the central calibration laboratory at the company‘s headquarters in Gerlingen-Schillerhöhe has risen to become an internationally renowned institution. A premier-class laboratory naturally requires equipment of the highest quality. This equipment includes the Leitz PMM-C Infinity 12.10.7 and Leitz PMM-C Ultra 12.10.7 3D coordinate measuring machines.

How to Build A Racing Car From Just Some Rattling Boxes

The UPBracing Team of Paderborn University has been a regular contender on the Formula Student circuit since 2006. The student racing team is therefore one of the more experienced in the international constructors’ championship. But to compete with the best, some very special technology is needed.

Guarantee the alloys quality with ROMER Multi Gage

The company Alutec, a member of the international group Aluthea (, is specialised in the foundry of light alloys. Its main area of activity is related to electrical material. Alutec also works directly with the most important European car manufacturers and their subcontractors. Approximately 80 people each year convert 1000 tonnes of aluminium alloy and manufacture 400 moulded models. The manufacturing run lie somewhere between 100 parts a year and 1000 parts a day.

WLS400M helps deliver high level quality for the new Honda Civic

​​With the Cognitens WLS400M, Honda in the UK now carries out a root cause analysis in one shift instead of several days. Measurements that used to take 1.5 hours are now taken in 15 minutes​. For Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd, customer satisfaction is everything. Precision measurement is employed at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that everything from the engine to the fit and finish of the body is as good as it can be.

Retro But Fit

How can existing machines be kept up to current standards against the background of increasing quality assurance requirements? The solution is a retrofit. Thöni Manufacturing GmbH shows you how. Almost two decades old, its coordinate measuring machine recently made the grade on an improvement course thanks to a modernisation package from Hexagon Metrology.

Perfect Prototype Measurement

Small but very capable components are in great demand in the motor-vehicle industry. This doctrine of the designers leads to ever-tighter tolerances on vehicle components. And continues to throw down new challenges to quality management – also at the Robert Bosch Works, Immenstadt.

A Globalised Measuring Solution

Retrofitting in metrology offers significant advantages. Ford recognised this and replaced the existing metrology software used in its autobody manufacturing facilities with PC-DMIS from Hexagon Metrology. The new software solution impressed the Cologne automobile manufacturer with its flexibility, speed and professional support.

A Global Vehicle Manufacturing Group uses white light scanning to improve productivity

​Since the introduction of the progressive assembly line in the early twentieth-century the motor industry has remained at the forefront of industrial development, speeding up processes and increasing output. Now, over a hundred years later, every minute still counts in the highly-competitive automotive world.

Automatically Calibrated

Jean-Charles de Borda was one of the personalities behind the introduction of the metric system in France at the end of the 18th Century. A century later, Carl Benz went for the world‘s first motorised „drive“ in Germany. At Daimler AG‘s main factory in Stuttgart- Untertürkheim, Germany, these two aspects of history come together. Here, gauges and setting masters are recalibrated to national standards with high-accuracy, efficient measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology PTS.

Building BLOODHOUND SSC The 1000mph Office

When the BLOODHOUND SSC car makes its runs in the South African desert its wheels will be subjected to forces up to 50,000 G, the solid aluminium wheels each weighing 95kg will spin at 10,200 rpm – 4x faster than a formula one car. At peak speed the car will be moving faster than a bullet from a .357 magnum, covering 1 mile in only 3.6 seconds.

Every Feature In One Go How Multi-Sensor Systems Minimise Measuring Times

The precision technology company pretema specialises in the development and manufacture of electromechanical components, but this multitalented company is also a player in the areas of manufacturing technology and material types. When it comes to quality assurance, pretema relieson a multi-sensor measuring device from Hexagon Metrology that drastically reduces measuring times and scores points with its flexibility.

Leica T Products ensure maximum quality at Volkswagen

Zwickau-based Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH uses the Leica T-Scan 5, relying on the precision of Hexagon Metrology products.

Measurement for Dummies

​At the Johnson Controls manufacturing site in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, two hundred people are employed in the production and assembly of seats, interior fittings and chassis parts for the automotive industry. As sole supplier to Revoz, the Slovenian manufacturing subsidiary of Renault, Johnson Controls produces a number of critical parts for the seating setup of the latest-generation Renault Twingo. The company must meet the most demanding quality standards in its product delivery, and a strong working relationship with Hexagon Metrology helps the team to deliver such results.

Nobody Gets Past Security

​Night club doormen mercilessly decide who can spend the evening in the club and who has to peep through steamed-up windows in their trainers from the outside. The Optiv Classic measuring devices from Hexagon Metrology perform the same function at Kiekert. At the incoming goods department, they check vendor parts and issue a decisive "go" or "no go".

Edgecam Halves Hewland Fork Cycle Time, and Slashes Tooling Costs

A market-leader in gearbox and transmission systems for the motor sport industry is branching out into electric vehicle transmissions, and says the company has benefitted with a new manager driving their Edgecam software use up a gear.

Vehicle Under Challenging Climatic Conditions

Doors, fenders, bumpers, spoilers – car body components must fit precisely and withstand any environmental conditions. Special characteristics such as deformation or expansion must therefore be measured during the development phase of new materials or components. How do materials change at high temperatures, high humidity, or extreme cold?

Audi Toolmaking Steps On The Gas With WorkNC

The new WorkNC high feed rate strategy reduces machining time during pre-finishing by up to 30 percent for car-making giant, Audi.

An Integrated Solution for a Faster Production Line

GKN Driveline is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive driveline components and systems. It manufactures its own extensive range of automotive driveline components for use in the smallest ultra-low-cost car to the most sophisticated premium vehicle which demands the most complex driving dynamics.

Inside the Factory: SEAT Automotive

SEAT is the only company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets cars in Spain. A member of the Volkswagen Group, the multinational has its headquarters in Martorell (Barcelona), exporting more than 80% of its vehicles, and is present in over 75 countries.

WorkNC Waveform Slashes Machining Time and Increase Tool Life

The revolutionary Waveform Roughing Strategy from Vero Software has reduced machining times by 40 per cent for a manufacturer of vehicle guards, roof racks and steps, while tripling cutting tool life. 

High-Speed Scanning

The complexity of a race vehicle requires extraordinary levels of accuracy, making the construction process crucial when collecting results. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence subjected the single-seater from Madrid Polytechnic University (UPM) to a complete and fast analysis.

Shaped for Speed

If NASCAR teams had to choose a capitol city, Charlotte, NC would be the most likely choice. With so many teams clustered around this city and its celebrated race track, savvy specialty suppliers have moved to the region to help NASCAR teams build speed and reliability into their race cars.

Leitz Reference HP Ensures Quality Of Engine Components At GM Powertrain

General Motors (GM) owns facilities all around the world. One of the GM plants is located in Uzbekistan where car engine components roll off the assembly line. The GM Powertrain – Uzbekistan plant in Tashkent exists since November 2011 and represents a joint venture between General Motors and its partner in Uzbekistan Uzavtosanoat JSC.

Leitz CMMs With Quindos Test The Accuracy Of Engine Components

Autobahn signs can already be seen some 1,5 hours Southeast of the Vienna city lines announcing the famous four interlinked rings. Immediately a vision  pops into your mind: a sporty Audi racing through the spectacular landscape, hugging the passing curves of the hilly, serpentine and perfectly smooth asphalt. 

Ogihara Eliminates Hundreds of Inspection Hours With Opticell by Cognitens

Ogihara America Corporation is a subsidiary of the Japanese Ogihara Corporation, one of the largest Independent automotive die manufacturers in the world today. Ogihara is a Tier 1 supplier known for its exceptional product quality of automotive class A parts, assemblies and related body panels. Ogihara operates in the US from its Howell based facility in Michigan. 

Ogihara Leads Supplier Industry Using Optigo by Cognitens

Ogihara America Corporation (O.A.C.) is a subsidiary of the Japanese Ogihara Corporation, one of the largest independent automotive die manufacturers in the world today. O.A.C. is a Tier 1 supplier known for its exceptional product quality of automotive class A parts, assemblies and related body panels.

Romer Measuring Arm Ensures Everything's Fair And Square In Motor Sport

DEKRA is one of the world‘s leading expert organisations. The company is currently active in more than 50 countries. Around 22,000 employees are committed to ensuring long-term safety, quality and environmental protection. In motor sport, DEKRA is the official technical partner for the DTM (German Touring Car Masters). A portable ROMER CMM is always in use at the racing track.

Škoda Cuts Inspection Times, Streamlines Operations With Leica T-Probe & T-Scan Duo

Reconnecting with its rich pre-WWII history, over the past 15 years as part of the VW Group Škoda has transformed itself into a modern automaker offering a complete lineup of passenger vehicles, sharing engines and mechanical components across the board with its corporate brethren.

A Service Company Specializes In Romer

If personnel shortages or financial issues prevent you from coming up with your own metrology solutions, your company can turn to specialized service companies instead. Dimension 3 is one such company, headquartered in the Roanne region near Lyon. Dimension 3 utilizes ROMER articulated arms both locally and internationally, offering its customers high-quality on-time service.

Teething Solutions DEA Global Measures Drive Components And Units

SBS-Feintechnik operates in a world between good old cuckoo clocks and sporty motorbikes. The company from Schonach, southern Germany successfully stands with a foot firmly placed on each pole...