MoveInspect XR8

Portable. Robust. Accurate.

Based on the renowned AICON MoveInspect Technology, the XR8 is the only technology able to simultaneously capture multiple points. This makes the system significantly faster in many applications, which results in clear time and cost advantages.

The perfect system for industrial applications
Two high-resolution 8 megapixel digital cameras in a closed camera beam are equipped with integrated flashes which flash in the invisible wavelength range. Therefore, the XR8 is independent from any environmental lighting. The system’s ruggedized housing makes it even suitable in challenging industrial environments. Shop-floor recalibrations are reduced to a minimum, which shortens the entire measurement. Vibrations, noise, and position changes are no problem either. Thanks to the “Dynamic Referencing” function, the system automatically detects and compensates these disturbances by optical tracking.

The MoveInspect XR8 captures objects from one up to several meters in size and is suitable for various static and dynamic applications. The digital cameras capture any type of target, either on the component to be measured or on the hand-held probing device AICON MI.Probe. The generated images are processed automatically; 3D data are calculated in real time. 

Easy Probing – highly accurate results
With the handheld AICON MI.Probe, objects can easily be measured by tactile probing. Without cumbersome cable or other mechanical connection to the measuring device. Total freedom of movement enables the operator to easily and ergonomically use the system even in narrow environment as e.g. complex fixtures. A repositioning of the sensor according to measurement object is not necessary because only a temporary line of sight is required.

Accelerated assembly and positioning 
MoveInspect XR8 simplifies and accelerates assembly processes, and can even replace costly assembly gauges. The system monitors the process and guides the operator through the positioning. An immediate feedback serves as final inspection of the positioning and assembly process.
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  • Probing with total freedom of movement through optical tracking
  • Precise measurements in unstable environments through "Dynamic Referencing"
  • Real-time tracking of moving objects
  • Easy measurement even in narrow spaces
  • No moving mechanical components
  • Static and dynamic measurement
  • 3D and 6D measurement of multiple points, also in dynamic applications
  • Significant time savings due to highly stable system calibration
  • Hidden-point measurement


Transportation box

 Sensor resolution  Two 8 megapixels XR cameras
 Protection class  IP51
 Illumination  Internal infrared illuminations, independent from environmental lighting
 Operating temperature  + 5°C to + 45°C room temperature (without condensation)
 Operating humidity  10 - 90 %
 Sensor size  1,200 mm x 240 mm x 130 mm
 Sensor weight  11.5 kg
 MI.Probe weight without Extender  850 g
 Control unit  Syncbox for up to 2 XR8 sensors (cascadable), external synchronization, power supply 90 -  240 V or 12 V (on request)
 Processing unit  High-end notebook (industrial pc possible) with Microsoft® Windows® 7 (64 Bit) and  Microsoft® Windows® 10 (64 Bit)
  • MI Probe with equipment and transportation box
  • Calibration tool
  • Tripod with bag
  • Coded and uncoded targets
 Warm-up time  Highest accuracy after 30 minutes at the latest


 Interfaces  Interfaces i.a. to 3D inspection software like PolyWorks®, Spatial Analyzer®, PC-DMIS (in preparation),  Metrolog, PowerInspect, Geomagic® Control™,  BuildIt

 Realtime interface for transfer of 3D and 6DoF coordinates
 Measuring modes  Probing, tracking
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