OSIRIS Hot / Cold

Combined Profile and Surface Measurement Solutions for Steel Production

Combining two inspection functions in a single system, OSIRIS Hot and OSIRIS Cold are advanced inline surface and profile measurement systems for the steel and continuous metal industries. 

OSIRIS measurement solutions operate as part of the steel and rolling mill lines and can measure variety of profiles moving through the station in at high speed in temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. Using state-of-the-art laser light section technology and high sampling rates, OSIRIS systems provide a complete 3D reconstruction of the profile or beam. The dimensional accuracy of the profile shape is checked and the surface is examined for defects in a single operation. The measurement results can be viewed online and analysed in real time on a remote control terminal. This allows users to initiate corrective measures earlier and therefore significantly improve yield rates.

OSIRIS Hot and OSIRIS Cold are used in the steel manufacturing industry to detect defects on hot rolled surfaces, avoiding scrap. The solutions also check dimensional accuracy, reducing rejection rates for the finished product. OSIRIS serves steel profile producers for variety of industries including high-speed rail, automotive, shipbuilding, heavy machinery and high-grade construction.

Profile & Surface Inspection: Steel Industry Brochure