New product introduction in electronics

Focus your NPI processes on the designs and manufacturing operations that count in the real world

Imagine if research and development teams working on NPI could see into the future and know how technologies and materials would behave within a given environment. Imagine if design engineers could look ahead and understand which product design would work most effectively. Imagine if manufacturing engineers could view the same future and know which manufacturing processes would yield the best results.

The process of bringing new technologies and products to market is an increasingly complex challenge that requires virtual insight into how products and manufacturing processes will function in the real world. With new technologies and more computing power crammed into increasingly smaller devices, shorter launch deadlines, and more consumer choice, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to optimise, or even overhaul, their NPI processes.

With a range of data and process management tools for critical areas of our customers’ businesses, Hexagon’s software is helping some of the world’s best-known companies bring together their teams, their operations, and their ideas, enabling everyone to move towards the same shared vision of the future.

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