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Why use Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for PC-DMIS Training?

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has been developing PC-DMIS over 20 years and as the software developers and Original Equipment Manufacturers we are the only true experts in this technology.

Our Applications Engineers and PC-DMIS Trainers are all factory trained to the very latest standard to take advantage of all the software and hardware advancements made. Our engineers are using, testing and being trained in the software before it is released to market this means they have more experience than third party suppliers which will reduce costly mistakes due to inexperience.

Far too often our Applications Engineers are called to support customers taught by 3rd party training providers only to find it is not a problem with the software but rather an issue of how to apply the software version that they are using.

Our Engineers and Trainers are educated in the best programming practices and techniques which will help to speed up programming time and reduce cost to your business.

All our engineers are OEM trained with the latest software enhancements and the understanding of how PC-DMIS applies the latest standards.

Many 3rd Party training providers boast about being able to deliver training quickly in just 2 to 3 days, covering just the elements the customer wants to see, often missing out fundamental aspects of the software. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence does not cut corners and chooses to offer structured well planned courses with detailed agendas, ensuring your employee is fully trained and certified by the OEM of the software.

We can then, if requested, offer supplementary bespoke training directly on your application. This of course only works if your staff has the full understanding of how to use the fundamental elements of the software.

If you have invested in the software and the CMM then it pays to invest in the best possible training of your metrology staff. You can rely on the OEM of the software to fully certify that your member of staff is competent at using PC-DMIS to the standard required.

So why chose Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence as your PC-DMIS Training Provider?
  • As the OEM we can certify that your staff achieves the level of understanding required for PC-DMIS using the latest versions.
  • Our Trainers have over 30 year’s metrology experience in the industry
  • New state of the art dedicated PC-DMIS Training centre
  • Regular classroom based training schedules with access to software and CMM’s to include practical and theoretical exercises.
  • Bespoke training developed where required.

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