Software for White Light Scanner Systems

The Hexagon software suite for white light scanner systems is comprised of various value-added software products and collaborative tools that enhance the benefits gained from using 3D optical measurement solutions. This software allows manufacturers to move from costly traditional methods like checking fixtures to flexible, non-contact dimensional gauging. From fast programming to informative analysis, the CoreView suite enhances efficiency for white light scanner users across a range of industries and applications, from automotive to aerospace, from tool and die to sheet metal stamping.

CoreView Teach

CoreView Teach offers complete functionality for planning, defining, preparing and executing fully-automated 3D optical measurement programs.

CoreView Analysis

CoreView Analysis allows users to shift manual tasks to an offline station, for computation of dimensional data, post-measurement analysis of results, and reverse engineering.

CoreView AM

The CoreView Automated Measurement (AM) module provides an intuitive interface for the operator to manage and control the automated measurement cell.

CoreView Pro

CoreView Pro is designed to drive better production decision-making with comprehensive yet intuitive multi-part analysis.

CoreView Virtual Programming

CoreView Virtual Programming streamlines a variety of tasks for planning, simulating, optimising and complete offline programming of automated 3D optical measurement cell routines, including robot programs.

CoreView Measure

CoreView Measure for manually operated white light scanner systems systems is an efficient tool for defining measurement programs, managing measurement processes, calculating measurement results including surfaces and features, and exporting results in standard formats or CoreView formats. 

CoreView Reporting

CoreView Reporting automatically generates inspection reports based on pre-defined templates, enabling users to get the inspection results they need quickly and simply. 

CoreView Mapping

CoreView Mapping is a highly accurate photogrammetry software module for performing the scene mapping process, establishing a coordinate system and 3D frame of reference during 3D optical measurement.

White Light Scanner Systems

White Light Scanner Systems are comprehensive 3D optical measurement solutions, focused on improving engineering and manufacturing processes in automotive and other...


LightRunner is a positioning system that transforms automated 3D optical measurement, replacing the mapping process to simplify setup and reduce cycle times.

360º Cell

Combining high-tech automation components with leading 3D optical measurement technology, the 360° Cell is a turnkey solution for fully-automated inspection operations.

360° SIMS

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence provides a broad solution for fully automated dimensional process and quality control.