CALIPRI C40 / C41 / C42

Multifunctional Profile Measurement Devices for the Train and Rail Industry

Designed to measure all common train while, brake and track profiles, CALIPRI C40 / C41 / C42 handheld rail measurement devices provide quick and correct evaluations with high repeatability.

CALIPRI non-contact profile measurement for the train and rail industry uses laser light section technology and is available in three configurations. For measurements of heavy rail equipment, the CALIPRI C40 wired model and the CALIPRI C42 wireless version cover the complete application range including high-speed trains, regional and cargo stock, while the wired CALIPRI C41 supports profile measurements on light rail and metro train vehicles.

The CALIPRI train and rail solutions range meets the demand of the railway industry for easy-to-use profile measuring devices with highly reproducible results. The series stands for multifunctionality across the board for the complete wheel-rail system. Different software measurement modules for wheels, break discs, rails and switches allow customised use across the rolling stock domain. With CALIPRI rail measurement solutions, users can perform different measurement tasks with just one lightweight and easy-to-operate system. Measured dimensions are displayed on a tablet PC or directly via the sensor display, and can be compared to predefined limit values.

CALIPRI C40 / C41 / C42 handheld measurement devices are widely used within the rail industry to support train wheel manufacturing and quality assurance. The CALIPRI technology is also applied to train and rail maintenance and service application including wheel profile wear and diameter measurement, brake disc wear analysis, rail and switch wear measurement and wheelset back-to-back distance measurements.

Profile Measurement: Rail Industry Brochure