Vision System 3D

Changing the Face of High-Speed Carbon-Fibre Component Analysis

Dedicated to composite part applications, the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Vision System 3D is a revolutionary solution for the portable inspection and analysis of semi-finished carbon-fibre parts.

APODIUS-Vision-System-3D_with-user2The system comprises HP-C-V3D Vision Sensor hardware – designed to fit simply to an Absolute Arm with RS5 Laser Scanner – together with the custom-built Explorer 3D software package.

The three-dimensional scanning capabilities of the camera-based HP-C-V3D Vision Sensor allow for detailed surface texture mapping, including fine-grained fibre-orientation mapping. Combining this data with the 3D modelling data collected by the RS5 Laser Scanner allows the system to deliver a three-dimensional fibre orientation measurement for comparison with simulation or design data in order to detect, document and classify previously difficult to define production errors.

Explorer 3D
is a real-time software solution custom-built for carbon-fibre surface analysis that supports image processing, output handling and automatic report generation. The measurement process can be visualised in real time within the programme, which can then export fully digitised three-dimensional models based on real-world measurement data. This functionality allows for actual-to-target value comparison through a variety of output modes, including colour-coded simultaneous model and measurement data display.

Combined with the Absolute Arm and RS5 Laser Scanner, which acts as a global reference system for the data collected by the sensor, Vision System 3D represents a high-definition solution for assessing carbon-fibre components that is unmatched on the metrology market.

APODIUS Vision System 3D

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High-Quality Data
Composite surface inspection performed in extremely fine detail, allowing for defect detection and fibre orientation, as well as surface and texture mapping.

APODIUS-Vision-System-3D_with-userHigh-Speed Data
Advanced camera-based vision system delivers high-speed data acquisition, drastically speeding up and simplifying the verification of entire components.

Combined Data
Three-dimensional data collected with the RS5 Laser Scanner combined with fine detail surface texture and fibre orientation data gathered with HP-C-V3D Vision Sensor can represent critical feedback for component quality inspection, simulation and design.

Real-Time Information
Intuitive software solution specifically designed for composite scanning presents visualisation of the entire measurement process, with real-time measurement quality feedback.

Flexible Output
Export data in a variety of useful formats, including fully-digitised three-dimensional models.

APODIUS-Vision-SensorColour Representation
Illustrate variations in fibre structure between design and manufacturing output through colour-coded simultaneous display of model and measurement data.

Flexible Measurement Volumes
Works with all Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems, from 2.0- to 4.5-metre versions, perfect for small or large part inspection.

Flexible Accuracy
Choose the best Absolute Arm model for the application, from the entry-level 83 Series to the flagship ultra-high-accuracy 87 Series.

Connectivity Options
Easily interchangeable Control Packs allow for WiFi connectivity and full battery-powered probing and scanning functionality.
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