Gauge Block Interferometer

The GBI300 sets the standard throughout the World in Gage Block Measurement by Interferometry. Over 25 Primary Calibration Laboratories in Europe, North and South America and Asia rely on NPL-Brown & Sharpe Gage Block Interferometers for their Primary Calibration of Gage Blocks.

ISO 3650 and ASME B89.1.9-2002 (K & 00 Grades) and Federal GGG-G-15C Grade 0.5 (AAA) Gage Blocks up to 300mm (12") in length can all be calibrated to the most exacting Measurement Uncertainties available. Uncertainty values starting at 0.020 micrometers (< 1 micro inch) are attainable.

  • Dual wavelength measurement of the Gage Block for easier pre-classification of size
  • Two frequency stabilized laser light sources
  • Phase-stepping optical system for high precision length measurement and detailed analysis of Gage Block surface geometry
  • Large area interchangeable platens for optimum throughput
  • Full and automatic measurement and compensation for ambient conditions
  • Integrated and rapid Gage Block Flatness and Length Variation measurement
  • Automatic calculation and print-out of measurement results in inch or metric units
  • Flexible image processing software for measurement of rectangular and square (Hoke) Gage Blocks and round (British) Length Bars 
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Measurement Capacity:

Gage Blocks up to 300 mm (12") length
Gage Block types: Rectangular, Square and Round Gages made from Steel, Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Carbide etc
Length Measurement Uncertainty: A Measurement Uncertainty of ± [0.020 + (0.2 x L)] micrometers (“L” in meters)
is possible when the GBI300 is located within the correct environment
Features measured: Gage Length and the Flatness and Length Variation over the measuring faces of the Gage Block
Measurement Results: Displayed in Metric or Inch as appropriate
Software: FLaP for Windows™ validated by NPL for precision of computation


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