Multisensor and Optical CMMs

Flexibility is the key issue for multisensor technology. Flexibility in the world of metrology means having the freedom of choice between contact and optical measurement – with only one measuring system. A single system is therefore sufficient for the contact and optical measurement of all inspection features on a workpiece.

Optiv Classic

The Optiv Classic line is the easy way of getting started in optical and multisensor metrology. The machine base of all models is made of granite, offering robust...

Optiv Performance

The Optiv Performance line can tackle many measuring tasks with its robust design in granite, its axes with mechanical bearings and complete range of sensors. A versatile...

Optiv Reference

The premium offering with respect to measuring accuracy and design is the Optiv Reference line.

Optiv Dual Technology

Optiv Dual consists of three technologies purpose-built for multisensor operations, enabling users to drive productivity by enhancing application flexibility, reducing...

Sensors for Optiv

The advantages of multisensor technology. Through the combination of contact and non-contact measuring sensors, Optiv measuring machines bundle the advantages of several...

Software for Multisensor & Optical Systems

The quality of your products is best demonstrated with our software for optical and multisensor measuring systems.