There's more than one way to buy a CMM: Rentals

by Andrew Scarella on April 26, 2016 From News And Comment

No matter what kind of measuring equipment you’re thinking about purchasing: stationary coordinate measuring machines, portable measuring arms, laser trackers or vision systems, there are now more ways than ever to acquire the measuring equipment you need without having to write a check or obtaining a bank loan for an upfront purchase. In this series, we will explore some alternative ways that our customers have procured measuring equipment.

Measuring Equipment Rentals

Rentals make particular sense when the equipment is portable and doesn't have to be installed, such as measuring arms and laser trackers. Short term equipment rental is an excellent option to manage short term production surges that create bottlenecks in the metrology department.

Another reason companies rent metrology equipment short term is to determine if it suits their application, as a way of deciding if they should make a purchase. If the equipment being considered is not currently in the budget, rentals are an excellent opportunity to perform a real world Return On Investment (ROI) analysis on so they can justify the purchase. In other words, try the equipment in the process to see what measurable benefits are obtained such as an increase in cycle speed or a reduction in scrap. Armed with real-world data, it’s easier to perform the return on investment calculation. If the ROI is strong enough, it can be easier to secure the capital budget sooner.

The final rationale for renting is that rental equipment often comes under an expense budget and not a capital budget, and some companies may have more flexibility using expense budgets to rent equipment.

If your equipment needs are truly short term we offer traditional short terms rentals as well. Reasons companies use this service is for a short term program or product launch, or to take advantage of market opportunities that may suddenly appear and that your company was not otherwise prepared to take advantage of. Sourcing rental equipment and even qualified metrology personnel from Hexagon allows the company to secure the business immediately. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has a dedicated contract services business offering rental equipment and short-term personnel we also offer traditional rentals as well. We have a large pool of rental equipment available. See this page for details.

In our next article we will explore a second alternative method of obtaining metrology equipment: Capital Leasing.

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