Workers Bring Knowledge of WORKNC From Previous Jobs

VS Steel - Czech Republic

New employees at a metal cutting and tooling company were quick to embrace WORKNC when management looked to change their CAD/CAM software package, as they had used it in their last jobs.

VS Steel s.r.o., based at Lhotky, near Mladá Boleslav, in the Czech Republic, say they had had several “negative experiences” with their previous machining software.

When new workers who were already proficient in WORKNC joined the company, VS Steel approached the software’s reseller in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, SEMACO Tools and Software s.r.o., who arranged demonstrations which showed how WORKNC could solve their issues.

“WORKNC readily overcomes our biggest challenges of high precision and tight tolerances,” says Vladimira Dolenská, who works in the company’s Technology Department. “When we first invested in it around 18 months ago, we quickly noticed its simplicity, and how its faster program preparation and collision avoidance, ensured all our parts – including those with extremely tight tolerances of 0.01 mm for Skoda Auto – are produced accurately, first time, every time.”

He says the logical workflow, including geometry loading, part analysis, and the creation of technological surfaces, projects and toolpaths, along with managing the postprocessor and html documentation, gives them a much better user experience.

WORKNC-PartEvery component now goes through WORKNC and is machined on either their Hermle C400U with a Heidenhain 530 controller, or Tajmac MCFV 1260. 

“Our new programmer was able to work with the software as soon as he joined the company, meaning we benefitted immediately from faster programming preparation without the need for additional pre-run checks on the machine, right from the off.” 

VS  Steel describe WORKNC as being the closest system to “one button CAM,” with automated, efficient toolpaths bringing them dramatic productivity gains through shorter machining times, longer tool life, improved surface finishing and accuracy, better machine utilisation, and fast and easy CNC programming. 

The software’s powerful engine takes advantage of multi-core computers, giving fast calculation and processing time. Preparation times are also reduced, thanks to predefined machining sequences and batch mode toolpath calculations.