In der Medizintechnik können Genauigkeit, Präzision und Rückführbarkeit über Leben und Tod entscheiden

Verbesserung der Qualitätskontrolle bei der Herstellung medizinischer Kniegelenke

Die On-Machine-Messung mit einem Absolute Arm und einem 3D-Laserscanner macht die Herstellung innovativer medizinischer Orthesen sowohl genauer als auch einfacher

Improving product quality and productivity

The PrimeScan structured light system has established itself as a key high-resolution reverse engineering tool for medical hand prosthetics

Making productivity gains with CMM asset management

Investment in quality excellence has been a powerful motor behind the success of Paragon Medical. So, when Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division developed HxGN SFx | Asset Management software to monitor and analyse how key assets are performing via a centralised, user-friendly dashboard, Paragon Medical was keen to deploy it for its coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

Solving Compliance and International Manufacturing Challenges

Founded in 1927 to produce aluminum splints— cutting edge at the time—Zimmer Biomet is a medical device company commanding second place in the entire world’s overall orthopedic market share. The organization’s stated purpose is to “Restore mobility, alleviate pain, and improve the quality of life for patients around the world.” For at least one Zimmer Biomet quality engineer, the nature of the company’s products and what it takes to manufacture them takes on a decidedlysensitive tone.

ALPHACAM “Vital” for Orthopaedic Implant Experts

Jointmedica Ltd., based in Worcestershire, produces Class 3 implants in the orthopaedic sector, and has, in its product portfolio, an innovative mobile bearing Knee Replacement, as well as development activities relating to Hip Resurfacing and the manufacture of custom-made devices for specific patients created directly from CT scans.

WorkNC Dental Gives Added Bite To Bruxism Patient, With Revolutionary New Material

A dental laboratory used specialist WorkNC Dental software in a pioneering project with newly-developed material to create a major prosthesis for a patient suffering from Bruxism. 

Wasserdicht dokumentiert

Präzision ist unsere Leidenschaft. So der Claim des Unternehmens. Das spürt man beim Rundgang durch die Firma. Kaizen-Charts finden sich überall. Die Fertigungshalle ist blitzblank sauber.


Alphacam Waveform Halves Automation Component Roughing Cycles

Allied Automation was established in Dublin in 1998. The main aspect of the company’s business is manufacturing bespoke, automated assembly machines used by many of the world’s leading medical, pharmaceutical, and life science companies. Allied Automation has its own modern high precision workshop and they say that pushing Alphacam’s Waveform strategy to the limit has reduced rough machining cycles by half.

Fette misst Komponenten von Tablettenpressen automatisch mit der Leitz PMM-F

Weites flaches Land, gigantische Windkrafträder, leuchtend rote Klinkerhäuser – dafür ist der hohe Norden Deutschlands bekannt. In Expertenkreisen wird die Region auch mit dem Bau von Tablettenpressen in Verbindung gebracht.  

The Black Forest Here Precision is a Tradition

The unmistakable style of its halftimbered houses, mills, wines, and smoked ham. These are but a few of the best known traditions of the Black Forest, Germany’s “green lung” between the Rhine and Danube rivers that borders on France and Switzerland. Yet, there is another less known tradition here in this south-western part of Germany: accuracy. Already in the 18th century, the famous “Black Forest Clocks” were sold throughout Europe and all the way to Turkey. Clocks and parts, springs and gramophones – technical products that have been replaced by electronics today, but which did give to the now renewed industrial enterprises a sense for measuring and precision.


Tausende Kunststoffteile und zwei Messsysteme

Auf dem Liffey Park Technology Campus in Leixlip im irischen County Kildare befinden wir uns weniger als eine Meile von dem Ort entfernt, an dem das berühmte GUINNESS-Bier - der wichtigste irische Exportartikel überhaupt - ca. 

Wenn korrekte Positionierung Leben rettet

Mit dem Laser Tracker als Referenz für Positionierungsaufgaben lassen sich die in der Strahlenbehandlung eingesetzten Protonenstrahlen zielgerichteter nutzen.

Perfit Partners with WorkNC Dental from Vero Software

Perfit Dental Solutions have teamed up with CAD/CAM software heavyweight WorkNC Dental…saying it is crucial for their workflow.