Composite materials in power and energy

Powering growth in composite material usage

As alternative renewable energy is becoming a bigger issue around the world, investment in technologies such as solar and wind energy is increasing significantly.

Wind power is a key source of renewable energy that produces electricity with very little greenhouse gas production. It relies on extremely large wind turbines that need to be both strong and efficient. That means longer and lighter blades that still have the stiffness to withstand strong wind conditions.

Carbon- and glass-fibre moulding technology enables the production of long wind turbine blades that are lightweight and strong, allowing for much increased efficiency in what is becoming a staple of energy supplies around the world. Further leveraging this technology is set to allow the development of larger wind turbines, which will turn in see greater adoption of wind power generation around the world.


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Vision System 2D

Das eigenständige Vision System 2D ist die marktführende optische Messlösung, die speziell für die lokale zweidimensionale Messung der Faserorientierung...

Vision System 3D

Innovative Lösung für die mobile Prüfung, vollständige Digitalisierung und hochauflösende Analyse von Carbon-Faserhalbzeugen

APODIUS ContInspect

APODIUS ContInspect is a modular production integrated inspection system specifically designed for the textile production of carbon and glass fibre materials.

APODIUS AFP Inspection System

APODIUS AFP is a ply-by-ply online inspection system designated for fast process speed and complex geometry in limited space situations.


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About composite material inspection

High-definition camera-based measurement and analysis is the key to strength and consistency in composite material production.

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